Faults not Forgotten

The focus of my work revolves around my history. I use past experiences to interpret the anxieties that I deal with on a daily basis. The goal of my artwork is to create a narrative revealing my own struggles with bullying, cliques, and female friendships. These images are deeply personal and reveal social pressures to conform to specific aspects of the girl world.

My work stems from my own insecurities, which reflect the truths of who I am. The question does not lie in what I see in the mirror, but rather in what society dictates should be there. Using skin pigmentation, I attempt to rattle the foundations of the normative. Commenting on the impacts of these experiences and their effects on my past, current, and future relationships, I hope to relieve the internal struggle of finding myself. The work comes from a very honest place with the optimism that it will strike a universal chord with the viewer.

My artwork is often a narrative series, confronting the viewer with my faults and failures in order to invoke an emotional response of their own guilt, anxieties, and memories. Using dark and beautiful imagery, I want to challenge society by exposing my invisible wounds. Exploring reflection each piece creates a visual autobiography that attempts to alter our perception — the viewer’s and mine — of self.